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Hello, Friends! It’s been more than a year since I’ve visited you here at this blog, but I’ve thought of you often and hope to spend more time here in the coming months.

As something of a mea culpa, I’d like to share a recent lyric that I’ve written about the last time I was “in love.” It is therapy for me to share this piece of my history. I can only say that my reasons for not sharing it sooner were my own. Still, I hope at this point in someone’s life, these words offer a bit of a smile–even if it is only to feel reassured that others have been through crap and survived enough to make light of it. 🙂

it’s been six years since you’ve been here
And eight years since I fell.
It’s been ten years since I wanted.
Well where does time go? Where does time go?

It’s been six years since I found you
Lying next to her–
Her stockings there on your bedroom floor.
Well she can have you. And you can have her.

But if I painted my face and shaved my legs once in awhile, then you’d be madly in love with me.
If I wore satin and lace instead of flannel pajamas, then you’d be madly in love with me.
You’d be in love with me.

It’s been six years since we said it.
And then you married her.
My toothbrush still in your bathroom.
Do you still love her? Tell me you love her.

It’s been six years since I left you.
And four years since I cared.
Two years since I admitted
That I regret it. Oh, I regret you.

Cause if I painted my face and shaved my legs once in awhile, then you would still be in love with me.
But she knew nothing about me. And I knew nothing of her. Was she–or was I–the other girl?
Was I the other girl?

And if you need a moment now to get your story straight–
I understand.
But if you need to lie again, then no–we cannot still be friends–
Friends don’t lie; cheaters do.

Cause you were looking for passion, unbridled and unattached. How did I never notice that?
But I was looking for something more like falling in love, slow dancing, safe in each others’ arms.
Late night walks under moonlight, sharing wishes on stars, and gentle kisses to greet the dawn.

If I’d just shave my legs.
And pluck my brows.
And paint my face.
And lose ten pounds.
And scream your name.
Then shut my mouth.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this therapeutic moment with me.

Christian Spinster


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2 responses to “Painted My Face

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  1. Reblogged this on barefooted semmie and commented:
    Words from a friend. I love how she writes! Encourage her by following her blog! Tell her Sarah sent you. 🙂

  2. I love the song! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Oh…and Sarah sent me.

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